Places Where Guide Books Will Not Take You

in photography •  7 months ago


Crete, Greece 🇬🇷

Day 270 on the road.🙌🏼

We stumbled upon this small Greek village because our GPS broke down. There was little life left apart from some stray cats and a couple of grandmas sitting on the porch. The village, however, was purely gorgeous, with old greek houses, churches and remains of the life before. Before everyone moved to big cities or work abroad. 😶

On the positive note, we shot a funny action video in this empty city that is coming to you in a form of vlog very soon! You will definitely feel the vibe!🤞🏻

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As a fellow travelers, I agree. Sometimes the best places are the once you never intended to visit but through mistakes or circumstances ended up anyway.
Thanks for sharing a nice photo!

That's a great photo. Going off the beaten track is a great way to explore new things.


Thank you very much! Absolutely, rather following the heart than the crowds! (h)

but why is spanish written on the Wall?


We were wondering about the same at first, but then we realized that casa is house also in greek, only they would write it in greek so no one would understand (because of the writing), so I guess it was more convenient to use Latin Alphabet! But that might just be our reasoning behind it, hahah!

Life...sighs...that old village was a city in the ancient times. Good job @travellit and I hope you'll have your GPS fixed soon.


Right? When we think about the crazy pace time is going. And how everything is changing so fast! Thanks for commenting!


It's my pleasure @travellit

waiting for the video +


Ouuu yes!! It will be uploaded today! Kris did a great job editing. ;D And my acting... well, we can argue about that hahaha hide ;D

Love the title - you two should post blog like this for every new place you visit. It's really helpful for people who travel a lot. Tourist agencies usually promote only very popular places, true pearl of the country, land is pushed at the edge. Keep up with good work! ☺️


Thank you very much, Aramat! We are trying to blog about the places to visit, create travel itineraries and travel guides. We post on our website -! Work in progress to document all the places we go!!


You're welcome! Travel adventures and stories are always intresting to read.
I checked out your blog and it's really great, I like it. I'll visit your website to learn new informations and advices for future travel.
Keep up with your work, it's amazing! :)
Wish you all best!

I always find those type of places to be the most interesting!🖤🖤 if there’s people around they usually have some awesome old stories to tell! P.s. I love your dress! 🤗🤗


You are so right! We also love to avoid the crowds. Yes, we have noticed that usually the elderly (if they speak English) can share some amazing stories! We love to learn from them!

And thank you so much for the compliment!!! (h) :))