Be A Traveler Rather Than A Tourist

in photography •  7 months ago


Athens, Greece 🇬🇷

To be honest, Greece has been awesome.

What we have learned through the years of traveling... be an explorer, be a traveler and don’t be a tourist. Do not plan much, do not stress over small things, go with the flow and enjoy your surroundings. Even the smallest alleys can turn out to be gorgeous sights. 🏛

Let’s raise a cup of coffee for Greece! ☕️

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To travel you do not need as many plans, the important thing is to have your passport, have an idea to the area where you will go and where you will sleep. Many people get stressed when they travel for vacations and do not enjoy the trip, they make such strict plans that if they are not met, they do not enjoy the trip. Good post, greetings.

So You are digital nomads like me and my boyfriend. Nice to see You! All the best! 😉