Outtakes from last week's #wednesdaywalk meander down my driveway

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Last week I beat the heat, and managed a meander down my driveway for @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk challenge. Today, not only is it our boy's 21st birthday, but it's also a bit late in the warm (80F/27C) day to wander.

Instead, I decided to go through the bazillion shots I took with my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (Amazon affiliate links - thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something...LOL) and pick out my favorites that ended up on the cutting room floor.

So all of these photos were taken in our Durham, NH yard on July 4th, 2018. Oh, and for the technical stuff - I used the Auto Mode setting (my preferred), and I typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step. After I download the shots to my computer, I reduce the pictures by 20% or 25%, crop and edit if necessary, et voilà - they're ready to share!

  Outtakes from last week's #wednesdaywalk meander down my driveway
An Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) butterfly landed in the driveway as I began my walk.
Thin-leaved Sunflowers
A berry cluster is forming on the Jack-in-the-pulpit
Ferns growing near the bottom of the driveway where the tiny stream used to be
The woods to the left of the driveway
One of the huge granite stones on the property
A male cardinal landed in the pine trees just off the driveway
Given how puffed up and silly he was acting, I think he was courting someone
Daylily amongst the Black-eyed Susans (aka, there's always that one... lol)
Do you see the little cave opening?
Daylilies in the yard
More daylilies along the driveway
I spotted this Robin when going back inside, but he was looking elsewhere
While Sandy didn't accompany me on the walk (he gets freaked out by the tripod) I had to get a shot of him in his new harness.

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!


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What a cool selection of shots funnily enough I just finished a Wednesday Walk out take post LOL

The cardinal shot is cool, they tease me I spend 45 Minutes following one trying to get a shot recently, whenever I got lined up for a shot if it would fly away from me LOL


Great minds, eh? LOL!

All of my birds to that to me on a regular basis, even though I bribe them with food. I can't count how many times I'd hit the shutter, only to get the tip of a wing, or a blurred blob as a result. They can be such brats! 😊


@traciyork Well I have to say when People says great Minds Think. Alike I just cannot resist replying but they also say Fools never differ

But then I dont think I am a fool so it must be greta minds

I am glad it snot just me with birds :)


LOL! Hmmm, I'd forgotten about that "fools clause" but yeah, let's just go with "great minds." 😂

And definitely not just you. I'd thought about doing a post with all my near misses (empty branches, blurry bird blobs) but the thought was too depressing. Plus, if I posted them all, I'd probably break the block chain! 😊


@traciyork LOL I can relate to that I take so many shots every time I walk,

I love the cardinal and the butterfly. The butterfly looks so vivid and almost on fire! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks in return, @papacrusher! 😊

That looks like a pretty piece of property where you live! Lovely walk, and I like the flowers and birds and butterflies and those big rocks! 😊


Thanks so much, @thekittygirl - we've been on this property for almost 6 years and it still amazes me every day!