My Landlord's Memorial Tree (#SteemBloPoMo Day 32)

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After I wandered around our yard on Monday with my camera, getting photos for yesterday's Wednesday Walk post, I spent some time taking pictures of our landlord's memorial tree. It usually blooms during the first week in May, but for some reason it decided to put on a show early.

It's been forever and ever since I've posted for @old-guy-photos hash tag #treetuesday, and I thought these shots would a perfect way to jump in again.

Then Tuesday came and went.

So did Wednesday.

Hey @old-guy-photos, is "Thursday's Tree Tuesday" a thing? 😊

Also, for those of you wondering about the hash tag in my title, I'm still #steem-ing ahead with the Steem Blog Posting Month, even though the month is officially over, and I know @fionasfavourites is still going strong as well. If you're interested in what it's all about, check out my post HERE.

Now, on to my Thursday's Tree Tuesday shots!

I know our landlady told me what kind of tree this was before, but it's completely fallen out of my brain. I believe it's some kind of ornamental cherry tree.
This year, there are a tons of blossoms!
So happy to have blue sky as a backdrop!
As usual, I was in love with look of the sunlight behind the tree
I might have taken one or two shots...
... or three ....
...or maybe even four. 😊
Blossom ready for its closeup
There was an orb in this shot, and I thought it distracted from the glorious flowering branches, so I edited it out...
... then I second-guessed myself, and couldn't decide which version I liked better. So I'm including both!
I used my macro setting for this shot...
... and this one. I like how it blurred the background, and put more focus on the flowers in the foreground.
The tree, looking towards the driveway...
....then from the driveway looking towards the tree
With the woods as a back drop...
...then with granite rocks and grass as a backdrop.

Thanks for stopping by!

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The depth of field on those is so neat. Can’t wait til the blooms kick in here like that and the vibrant blue skies of summer settle in!

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Looks like a Weeping Cherry Tree to me! They're actually quite beautiful when they're in bloom, but when they have no leaves on them in the winter, they kind of look very forlorn as their branches droop down to the Earth. It's funny how they bloom almost overnight, making a stunning recovery from its very unglamorous look. Then of course it's Sprouts out green leaves and all is well with the world. Thank you so much for presenting your landlord's tree, a most beautiful specimen.

Congratulations on pushing through for your contest excellent excellent! As always, I hope that you have a most amazing day!


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This is definitely one of the prettiest times of the year. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures! I have a red bud tree in my front yard in bloom right now. I love when it drops its little purple petals all over my garden.


That is a glorious little tree. You know, although from a weather perspective, autumn is my favourite season, spring can't be beaten for it's colour and how it transforms the dreary landscape. Such a glorious setting - rocks, trees, sky... Oh glory, too much glorious...🤦🏼‍♀️

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Wow what a gorgeous tree! Many thanks for sharing it!

What a lovely tree! I took many tree photos but my photography skills are inferior to yours. Good job.

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Hey @traciyork Such a beautiful day. I makes photos so much nicer. The flowers are very pretty.

Great job.


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What a small tree, so heavily laden with blooms.

Exquisite photography, love the one with the woods in the background along with the photography taken with the sun filtering through Traci.

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If only we could have those blossems whole year round

Oh these flowers are beautiful.
I've never seen one of these before in my country.

I feel my heart preparing to open every time that I see blossoms.
This is indeed a beautiful post and well done!

great photos...this time of year the flowers come out.. I love it

Beautiful shots @traciyork. It's a pretty neat looking tree. I know this sounds really silly I can just picture the branches and limbs moving more fluidly than say an oak.

Whoa so much variety just from one single tree?

I think I learned a little just from the different examples.

Hi @traciyork,

So many easily clicked....into all of our minds!

Your captures are really prePHOTOsessing!

This ornamental cherry is, undoubtedly, an invaluable ornamenTREE in your landlord's Garden Jewel box!

Thanks & Regards,

Srinivasan T.

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You did a great job with these photos @traciyork even the edited photo was perfect. 💕

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Beautiful tree and a beautiful day :)

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