My Collection of Heart-Shaped Photos

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My Collection of Heart-Shaped Photos.jpg

Just over a week ago, I noticed a post by @thekittygirl called,
Heart-Shaped Photos, in which she shared her amazing collection of heart photos (the first one in particular got me right in the feels!).

She mentioned she got the idea from @dflo's also wicked amazing post, My heart photo obsession made into a handmade book shaped like a box.

I jumped in to mention I loved (HA! See what I did there?) the idea of heart photos, and knew I had a bunch myself.

Now here I am with my #heartphotos in hand. At first I was going to add explanations of each, because some of them are a bit abstract, but then I figured it would be more fun to let people find the hearts on their own.

As always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (Amazon affiliate links - thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something...LOL), and these were taken between March 2016 and August 2017, in the general vicinity of my Durham NH yard.

Crow with green leaf heart.jpg
Grass heart near strawberry patch.jpg
Heart in a cloud.jpg
Heart in the leaves.JPG
Heart leaf.jpg
heart leaves.JPG
Heart rock.jpg
Heart stump.jpg
Heart tree.jpg
Leaf hearts.jpg
Moon among the sunset heart shaped clouds.jpg
Moss Heart.jpg
Pair of acorns with leaf heart.jpg
Storm cloud heart.jpg
Yellow heart leaf.jpg
Okay, for this last one, I wanted to mention that this photo is in no way manipulated (other than cropping), and I took it on Valentine's Day last year. ❤️
Valentine snow heart on crow beak.jpg

Photo credit: Traci York
Blog graphics: created on Canva


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OH MY GOD the heart on the beak of the crow made me cry. I said this on the Appreciator post but I have I think at least 100 , but maybe 200?? They arent organized and across a couple devices and I may have lost some. I went from iphone to android a few months ago and i dont think everything carried over properly :( . This is so inspiring and I can't wait to see more heart photos from other people! <3

Isn't that the most bizarrely awesome thing, @dflo? There's some backstory on that crow (I nicknamed him Angel), but I was in tears too when I saw it on my computer screen. I thought I was just getting a shot of him being silly and eating the snow! I plan to do an entire post devoted to my crow adventures last year (which sadly haven't continued this year - I still see them from time to time, but no one comes to pose for me anymore). Thanks again for inspiring this tag, and I'm going to be on the lookout for most posts too!

WOW chicken licken!!!!! Those are REALLY some AMAZING pics!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! 😊

Beautiful collection! How wonderful to have so many heart-shaped photos. 💓

You've been upvoted & resteemed by the #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative. Keep up the great work! 🎈

WHOO HOO! Thanks so much, @ladiesofsteemit! 😊 💜

This post is sponsored by @appreciator in collaboration with #steemitbloggers. Keep up the good work

Oh, what a delightful collection! I really had to look for the heart in a couple of them, but I found them all! And I have never seen a "heart" around the moon instead of a halo! Wow! I really like these photos, and THANK YOU for tagging @dflo and me! 😊

You're very welcome, @thekittygirl! Thank you to you and @dflo for the inspiration and encouragement! I posted that "heart around the moon" on Facebook when I first took it, to ask everyone if I was seeing things...LOL!

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Thanks so much, @pixresteemer! 📷💜😊

Wow! Wicked awesome! What a collection Traci! You have an amazing eye for finding these treasures in the world around you! I especially love the heart around the moon!

Thanks, Roger! That shot is my second favorite of them all (the crow has a special place in my heart). I appreciate you always awesome compliments!

The crow is awesome coolness! In both photos you saw something that most people don't see! You found it, captured it and shared it! It's like you're shouting out to the world "Hey look at the world around you! Don't miss this!"

Quite the eye you have there for finding them hidden shapes. I could not find the Heart in the 9th image ;) - I gave up! Anyways - fun post!

Thank you, @odrau! If you promise not to tell anyone (LOL!) I'll show you where the heart is in the 9th image. So, do you promise? Cross your heart? 😉 😜

Here's a rough approximation of where it is -

Heart tree with outline.jpg

beautiful <3 love seeing hearts everywhere :D

Thank you, @mountainjewel! I plan to do another one at some point, since this was so much fun!

My favorite love person !!!!!
LOVE hugs Traci! <3 <3 <3

My favorite love person says I'm her favorite love person? Love it!

This calls for the original gif (before I added the words) -


A good friend of mine always gifts me green shaped leaf hearts, I have them framed at the studio. One remains evergreen since 2008 🌱 beautiful pics, you need a heart to find a heart ❤️

That is so amazingly cool, @yidneth! And thank you so much for your kind words!