The Story Of Ants And Grasshopper

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One was an Ant and one was grasshopper. During the dry season, Ant used to collect food crops during the day. And the grasshopper didn't work hard. Just walking around. The dry season was over. Meanwhile, the rainy season has begun. All around, the water is just staggering. Since Ant is working hard, she has no shortage of food. She is now sitting and eating her frozen food. But the Grasshopper was just wandering around in the dry season He didn't collect food. For this monsoon season, Now she is in death decoration for lack of food.

The real thing is to use the time. The time spent on hard work will one day be successful.

So we have to be as industrious as the ant. If Grasshopper are like this, the future will be bad.







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@toufiqurrahman32, Ants 🐜 are disciplined and they work with togetherness and in team and achieve their goals.

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