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in photography •  last year

I was in the Himalayas last year same time and these are just a couple of photos among many that I took during my visit there.

The mighty Indus flows in Batalik region of Himalayas

The beautiful and desolate Nubra Valley in the Himalayas

And we drove through the Nubra Valley in the Himalayas

Wild, Untamed horses that we sighted, lower Himalayan range

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@steemitboard. Thanks and upvoted.


@mila7272 ....awesome !!

Looks very calm and relaxing


@edgarsart, Only the first pic is of the mighty Indus. the rest are from the Nubra Valley quite far away from Indus.
and Indus river was anything but calm. To me it was one roaring and furious river. the photo does not do justice to the nature of Indus.

nice pics :) Upvoted!


@romitroksharan, thanks buddy. very much appreciated.


Hey check my posts too if you don't mind :)


@romitroksharan, sure buddy. already did it.

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