(Benefits Of Pomegranate Fruits) Tips to treat diseases with pomegranate See the explanation here !!

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Hello friend of the good steemians as well as his good manners, How are you guys, I pray that you are always healthy, and hopefully his sustenance is also facilitated by the Almighty, And for the friends who are still working on this social media I wish you a quick success accompany you, On this very glorious occasion I will try to share about the fruits to you all About this delicious fruit this one, because this fruit has a very unusual uniqueness once In its Rasa Image,
![image]() Speaking of fruits, the fruits contained in the universe is very much at all, and we as human beings of this intelligence is not able to live how many of its numbers, only god is more know it because god is the creator of all things , however among the many fruits contained in the universe there are various forms of fruit and various shades of color and flavor, ranging from fruit that can be benefited and adapula fruit that can not be useful, but it is only a little and rarely in find fruit that does not have its benefits, Because we all know! Fruits have a variety of vitamins and minerals that are very useful for us to consume and eat it,
On this very short occasion I will discuss one theme or one fruit named "pomegranate" most humans know what pomegranate is, and how its shape and taste, but I will try to discuss it again in this social media steemit or in blog I am a very noble,
* "Well now we will discuss it, the pomegranate shape is almost the same as the avocado fruit which is a bit greenish color as well as the color of banana leaf out there that has a very bright green and very bright, ### The pomegranate is divided into two: * 1. pomegranate green (white contents) * 2. red pomegranate (its contents are red) Both of them have tremendous benefits, common for people who suffer from dengue fever or (DBD) red pomegranate is very feasible for consumption and in the drug for the disease, ### How to: * "cut or slice the pomegranate into 8 parts or more, and that's according to the size of the small pomegranate it depends on the same pomegranate, then prepare a blender that we have provided, After that enter the pomegranate that we have split or we cut it, then enter enough warm water into his blender, then press the ON button contained in the blender, And wait up to 4 to 5 minutes, So everything is smooth and tasty to drink, then enter the fruit we have blender it into the glass !! And ready to enjoy, For those of you who are suffering from dengue fever (DHF) Try to drink it regularly, minamal 2 times a day,
The other pomegranate which is white content is also good for the health of our bodies, But there are good for friends who suffer from dengue (dengue fever) to drink or eat the pomegranate that its contents are red, but the pomegranate that its white content can also be friends, the important thing we must be sure in doing it ,

Just so many that I can write, hopefully useful !!

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