Urban Decay Series (Set #1)

in photography •  9 months ago



Most days, I do not get to see this sort of beauty... urban decay isn't always pleasing to the eye, but it's most definitely a phenomenon. People living in the so-called '1st World' go to great lengths to duplicate or imitate these colors and textures. There are masons that have been forced to create 'old' looking stucco with exposed brick just beneath it in ritzy neighborhoods... what exactly are they trying to emulate? It's sexy if it's like this in Italy which clearly this is not.

I have an affinity for doors and door fasteners in India as they can be very alluring which I'm sorry to report this one is not so much.


Did you happen to notice the drying of the dung on the sidewalk?

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I think you can see similar things in your location too?

Wow absolutely gorgeous shot!

You make my picture of flowers seem silly https://steemit.com/photography/@harryhoudinei/picture-of-flowerz-outside-my-house-new-jersey-july-11-2017

Upvoted and followed, cheers!


Much appreciated! With photography, practice practice practice and you'll see results... just like with Steemit.

I really dig the colouring, and the bricks contrasting the wall. Very nice shot


thanks @satchmo - it was tempting to bump the saturation, but I feel like I left it a reasonable level :)

Its amazing ooooo..cheers


dunno about amazing, but it's weathered for sure... :)


Thats good to know...steemit

First shot is simply excellent!


@shieha - funny how these things are obvious after we've taken the image and are no longer there. Your comment somehow spurred me into thinking that I should've done a tight shot of the doorway which included the area just above the door... thank you.

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