self-unboxing bee hive supers - stop motion animation

11 days ago
61 in photography

This was a labor of love I worked on about 2 years ago when I ordered a hive kit from Ebay.
It takes a lot of patience to do these, but I think they're really rewarding. You just put your camera on a tripod, move the subjects just a bit and taken another shot - repeat until you can't stand to do it anymore. Having a constant light source allows you to take breaks , but if using natural light you really gotta keep up the pace or it'll be noticeable.

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  ·  11 days ago

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

  ·  11 days ago

:-D you are doing a good job...i using my phone for timelapse

  ·  11 days ago

I've only used my phone to do a high speed - stop motion selfie type timelapse while traveling in Thai, Myan & Cambo... for other tl's - Canon's and Sony's with all sorts of diff lens.