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in photography •  3 months ago

I do not pay much attention to these but clicked on the link this morning and I must admit I was pretty impressed. It still irks me that my photo's are uploaded and manipulated automatically but the fault probably lies with myself for not changing the settings (when I can work out how)





They are pretty decent ...... not so?

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What beautiful photographs allow to admire the colors of the environment and the beauty of nature, greetings and my respect, my support with my vote.

Love the sky in the first one!!!


Took a casual shot this morning .....


and a good one at that haha ;)

Good photography.. Nice

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I didn't even realize that was a thing! Google did a nice job with the manipulation, but they had some awesome shots to start with. Nicely captured, @themagus! 😊


Thank you my friend ..... {friendly wave....thinks} 'When may we see some more bird pics eh Bird Lady'


You're very welcome, dear man. And funny you should ask - I was just thinking yesterday that since I haven't been able to take many new pictures in the past couple weeks, I should browse through my archive for photos that haven't seen the light of day yet. I'm pretty sure I have a few hundred thousand of them... so, soon... And thanks for asking! 😊