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in photography •  6 months ago

So just for a little fun amongst me and the ghosts ....... and of course @traciyork, @mrprofessor, @jaynie and @twolittlebirds ....... I will post a selfie a day for three consecutive days

I will try make them interesting without putting anyone off their breakfast or chasing them off to drink themselves into a coma ...


As they say in the western movies.... I am a man of authority and leadership...to coin the phrase "I throw a long shadow'

Thanks for popping by ....

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Great shadow photo! 😀



hahahaha!!! Sounds like fun - Will start tomorrow :)

Oie, how to you do this panorama? it looks epic, teach me master.


Start by getting up early. Before the sun rises. Find a place where there is flat open space stand with your back to the freshly risen sun and CLICK.....{smile}


Ahhhhhh sounds simple you Mr. Magus hahahahah, the question is, how about that insane wide angle hahaha


Not deliberate .... just held the camera and clicked .

LOL! Love this idea, and I snagged my own interpretation of your selfie earlier this morning. Hoping to get it posted soon, but I'm currently wearing a brace on my right hand (nothing major, just a bit of a thumb issue), it might be a day or two. Glad I popped by and thanks in return for the inspiration. 😊