Tragedy in a boat yard yesterday

in #photography5 years ago

Yesterday night was suddenly abrupted by loud exposions and smell of smoke. The Civil Protection Department responded to a major fire in a private boat yard in Naxxar. 19 boats and yachts were involved in the fire, with Civil Protection personnel managing to prevent the fire from spreading further.

The operation lasted over 7 hours involving 4 officers, 14 fire fighters, and 8 fire appliances. 180,000 litres of water and 7,000 litres of foam were used to bring the incident under control.

the remnants of a propeller :( sad to see such photos

RIP to the lost yachts :(


Despite the tragedy I love the first picture!

the scene was out of this world, they burned down to the crisp

dreadful and sad... But... the photographies are beautifully shot ! thank you for sharing !

So sad to read.

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