B&W & Color - The Barn

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Something about Barns that make for great photos. Not sure if it's the emotions around the simplicity of the life you picture or the structures themselves, but either way they make a great subject to photograph.

Below is a B&W and the Color version of the inside of a horse barn at the stables my Girls ride at. We go weekly and it's a great break from the day to day craziness of life. Things move slower when you are on a farm and everything is more relaxed. This weekend after riding lessons we will be heading to a snow carving competition and can't wait to share those photos.

Was about to take the photo and someone opened the door on the other end of the barn. Thought it gave a great "light at the end of the tunnel" effect.

Let me know which one you like better, then B&W or the Color.

Webp.net-resizeimage (18).jpg

Webp.net-resizeimage (31).jpg

All photos are taken by thedarkhorse and all rights are reserved.

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I thought it was an old train at first glance. It’s very different to the barns we see on tv where it’s wooden pickets and horses standing/lying around. This seems like each horse has their own ‘appartment’ and don’t socialise with one another.

The horses all stay outside most of the day. They bring them in at night typically. Today when we were there during the day I only noticed 1 horse inside the barn and he was being groomed and not in his stall.

This farm has a multiple pastures and the horses are broken up based on temperament from what I was told.

Getting ourselves to a Barn to break the busy daily routine that we need to have in this competitve society. It is truely a great way to wind down. I hope one day, we can spend time the way we like when we can go into steemit fulltime. Take some time to breath the air around us. Thanks for posting!

My girls would love to live on a farm and be able to ride more. They also love 4 wheeling and shooting so land would be great. If somehow Steemit became really big for me this would be a lifestyle change I'd gladly make.

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