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RE: Gringalicious in San Diego Travel Series - Part 6 Coronado Island

What an perfect combination of travel and food 😍 i always love the fact that you share each and every moment with us that kida creates a strong author and reader bond and that's why i love to read more and more you posts because they also helps me to know about you and your family and your life😇

And i love that you shared sweet memories about your parents and that also makes your traveling expenses more beautiful to Coronado,

I really love the food items shop and they really have superb cute and eye catching items on their shops, maybe for attracting more tourists 😅😅

Overall this post is great and your photography work is superbly done and you done very great work on each and every small details.all the best for your next post dear 😇

And i have a little request that i just posted my first introduction post so if you got some time please have a look and give your valuable feedback.thanks @gringalicious 😇


Thanks for taking the time to comment and read the post @thecrytotrader. I wish you the best of luck here on Steemit.

Thanks a lot dear iam trying my brst to provide good content on Steemit and also wants to create good relationships with lovely Steemit members like you.😇