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Apologies for not being so active over the last day or so but I've been having some issues with my left eye again. - nothing serious though.

Prior to this I was working on some more photos.

I noticed a lot of stock photos use some film style processing effects like cross processing.

These lend a more dreamy sort of feel to photos and so I had been experimenting with this.

I'm not sure how well these work. Let me know. These are free for you to use in your own posts under Steemit4Free.

You can download the actual files from this folder on SteemImg.com

Hopefully you find them useful:)

The Photos





















Technical Information:

  • Nikon D800 Camera.
  • Sigma 85mm/1.8 lens, natural window light with a front reflector.
  • Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for processing.
  • The model is Rachelle Summers.

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I have also created a new channel in the chat dedicated to photography of people/portraits called "Photography-portraits-people".  Please check it out and post your photos there.

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Some of my Previous Posts and Tutorials:

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Would you consider posting a tutorial for how to achieve this look? I'd love to see your workflow!


Sure. It's pretty simple though if you have Color Efex Pro 4 - it is just the Purple Film recipe that comes with it as one of the defaults - you just need to customise it to the photo by adjusting the parameters. I could do a tutorial but if you want to get started experimenting yourself you can download the whole Nik plugin collection for free:)


beautiful photographs, excellent post, should not apologize waiting forgets quality is remembered, congratulations


Thank you:)

They definitely have a dreamy feel, just beautiful.


Thank you:)

You've posted these before, haven't you?

Oh but these are different edits of the same shots?


Yes you are right for some of them:)

I think half of them I posted before but not with this processing. I'm trying to go for more of a stock photo dreamy feel - I think the regular and black and white edits I did before aren't really suitable for using in non photography posts. I don't know if it works. I think this is something I need to practice at.

I'd love some tips on it if anyone has any. I just did these in Color Efex Pro after - I think the proper way to do them would be in Photoshop using curves adjustments. I did try but I wasn't getting the same sort of results.

I might do a post with some examples of the kind of stock photos that have that film look I'm talking about.

Dang it, #8 = teenage dream.


Lol thanks:)