Breeding Maturity I

in photography •  26 days ago


After spending much time with the queen cat as it grows, breeding maturity will eventually be reached. It is expected to be increasingly obvious when this moment has been realised as a shift in the cats behaviour will be observed when it has entered its season for breeding. The audible calls and abnormal posture as it exposes parts of its body will indicate that she has finally reached a state of reproductive maturity. The general time that this can take to appear is expected to be around six months but this can vary between breeds.

Some cats may not be so vocal in their calls either and may reach maturity without beginning their calling behaviour for an umber of months. Male cats, referred to as Toms are expected to mature a little later than the female gender. It may be worth noting that a cat may even have a delayed behavioural reaction due to the season. For instance, during the colder months of autumn and winter it will hold off on its first calls and start in the warmer months. Cat fertility is not an ongoing condition, the biological cycle extends over a period of around three weeks that will see the cat become fertile and ready to breed for a period of around ten days.


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