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The city of Seoul, South Korea has done much to increase its parks and trees. One of the greenest spots is Seoul Forest on the eastern side of the city. The area was formerly associated with a water treatment plant, some of which still remains on the park's grounds. Most has been redeveloped into a green urban oasis. This set of photographs shows several features of Seoul Forest.

A garden path.

The garden.

Tube homes for native bees.

The functioning water works is still there, but fenced off from public access.

Old concrete infrastructure frames a hanging garden.

Papaya growing in an indoor arboretum.

A row of apple trees.


Tame deer.

Playground structure.

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Beautiful Korea.

Very nice photo.. 😊


Beautiful photos. So all these four-five months you have been traveling to Seoul and finally, you reached :P :D.


This is a different author for the blog. Lots of travel!


ok, travel stories are interesting.

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Wow amazing...
lucky you're there, while I can only enjoy it just by looking at the photos you share

Would love to visit there if I get a chance. Thanks for letting us know about this alluring place.


You are welcome. Some day I hope you can travel far also!

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Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched- they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.