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Have you ever wondered what the inside of a cruise ship looks like? Here are some photographs from a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You can see the view from the deck, the outdoor swimming pool, the inside atrium patio, an ice sculpture, and several pictures of the kitchen & galley areas that are normally off-limits to guests. Also there are two photos of the hull of the ship, taken from a lifeboat beneath the bow. Reminds me of the Titanic!












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felicidades amigo viajar es la mejor experiencia, nos conecta con nuestro yo y nos deja una huella imborable en nuestra memoria.
En mi país se hace un poco difícil actualmente pero. las crisis son valiosas oportunidades te seguiré, seria genial que también lo hicieras saludos

Nice Nice..Thanks,,,

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Wow I wish I could be there with you to share in this amazing experience.
Welcome back @thatindianlady hope to see more of your post


Thank you for checking my blog and I am happy you enjoyed the photographs!