Colorful Sunset As The Remains Of Tropical Storm Gordon Rolls In

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I have always loved storms. As a kid I could be out playing and dancing in any storm the came my way. This has carried on to my adult life, only now I chase them with a camera lol. There is just something about severe weather that draws me in. The pure destructive force of lightning, wind, and water. With a prelude of peace and masked by an unmistakable and memorizing beauty.

Yesterday I saw an article in the local newspaper warning of high winds and heavy rain for today. They also issued a flood warning from lake Ontario. The storm is the tail end of Tropical Storm Gordon, that caused moderate damage along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Then by this morning they had pushed the time of the storm to the evening, around 8/9 p.m. I had no intention of missing this storm and was at the bay (off of lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Burlington Ontario) for 8 p.m. These was moderate wind and the sky was putting on quite the display of colors.



I waited with a large amount of anticipation and in awe. As the clouds began to slowly cover the whole sky, while the sun set and the color display began to dissipate.


The wind began to pick up and the water got a lot more choppy. But after two hours, that is all that had happened. No 4 foot waves in the water as predicted or any rain. It had started to become apparent that this storm was not hitting anytime soon.


Rather then being disappointed, I was quite content. The colorful display of the sunset was so calming and refreshing that it really did not matter that the storm did not come.

On my way out of the bay front I noticed a couple of guys on the out door skate rink. They had a bench flipped over and were doing skate board tricks over it. They liked the idea of me taking some picture of them, so why not add it to this post lol.




As I finish this post it is currently 12 p.m. and still no storm, maybe this was an extended calm before the storm? If so, I be there when it hits and sharing it only on steemit!

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The pictures are awesome, you just click some incredible photographs.
the colors in the sky just amazing, great post.


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