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Good day beautiful people!
It's time for another @tegoshei's Photographer at Heart Series! yaaaay

In today's entry, I'm going to share a couple of pictures I took this morning from my mother's garden. It was kind of difficult for me to take this picture because the flower was in a high place and the best angle was outside our fence. hahaha It was a struggle, but I did the best I can to take these pictures.

The original shots were not that great as I only used my smartphone, so I enhanced the pictures using PhotoScape. Later, I'll be showing the original shots as well. :) I hope you enjoy them! (^^)v



Above are the edited version of the pictures. These are orchids and it's the first time for this certain orchid to bear flowers. I so like the color because it's pinkish. Most of the other orchids of the same type were have orange-y color.

I'm not good at editing or enhancing photos, but I enjoy doing it. Anyway, let me show you the original version of these two photos.



I really want to have a decent camera for taking pictures of various things especially those things that I find interesting to take pictures of. I hope you enjoy this entry! Until next time! (^

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Don't know much about Flowers but those Orchids look beautiful.

I also like the bet about the struggle to get the right angle. The grape tree in our small yard only bears fruit in high to reach places. Haha~

Thank you so much... :D
Right?? but it's as the say, the more you struggle the better it tastes.. lol
As for the flowers, trying to get the best angle was the greatest satisfaction.. haha ^^

Totally agree!

but it's as the say, the more you struggle the better it tastes

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

You're doing a good job, Shi! Mag ipon na para maka buy ug good camera. 😁 Pero most of the time, it's not about the camera. It has more to do with the photographer. Kita ka atong YouTube vid about Pro photographers using cheap cameras? They still took good shots. Gi bawi nila sa composition and editing.

Thank you ate~! Yeah... kanang affordable pero nice na og kuha... eala q kita ana nga vid, pero true na xa... dpende rpud jud sa ng.take og pics and editing.. pero mag.practice paq sa editing.. maayo gni sayon ra ang PhotoScape gamiton.. hihi

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Send nya nako Ang link nimo. ☺️

~cge ate... Thankies!!! 😘😘😘

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