Night Photography at SM Seaside Sky Park (@tegoshei's Photographer at Heart Series #18)

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Hello there beautiful people!
It's time for another Photographer at Heart Series! (^^,)/

Two days ago, I shared about the time when I and my family went to SM Seaside and had a great time together. If you missed that post, you can check it HERE.

I mentioned in that post that after having our dinner, we all went to Sky Park to walk around to help us digest the food we ate. And while we were there, I took several pictures which I will show to you. As usual, I only used my smartphone to take the photos so the quality is not good at all, especially that the place is quite dark. T_T (I really want to have a camera or perhaps a quality camera phone. It would be useful for photography and vlogging.)

Anyway, who knows... I might be able to get that in the future. haha Anyway, let me start sharing my pictures. I did my best to enhance them, but please bear with the quality. T_T




These photos were taken from Sky Park and in it you can see a part of SM Seaside as well as SRP (South Road Properties). In the day time, you can also see the sea by the road. <3 It's an awesome view any time of the day.







The pictures above were taken in the crowded part of the Sky Park. It's a bit crowded in this area because it has a playground for kids and a place where you can plug your musical instruments and perform for the people around you. There are also some food stalls which sell stuff like ice cream, snacks, drinks, etc.






Then, there's the relaxing part/area of the Sky Park. There aren't a lot of people in this area, so I like it much better than the first area I showed you. In this place, you can enjoy looking at the SM Tower in front and the wonderful city lights behind. It's truly a nice place where you wouldn't think you're on top of a shopping mall. haha This is one of the reasons why I like SM Seaside... we can relax despite being in quite a crowded place.

Well, SM Seaside is pretty big, so even if there are a lot of people, you won't really feel it that much unless there are special events. XD

That's it for this entry. I hope you enjoyed my post despite the not-so-good quality pictures. Thanks a lot and see you again. (^_^)/

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