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playing with light at night


This was a shot I did one night last year after the sun had set

It was a night we were playing around with long exposures spinning steel wool and then we did this shot with my pixelstick which is basically I whole bunch of controlled LED lights on a long stick

I was by the tripod the lady posing for the photo and a friend walking with and swinging the pixelstick

Here is another shot


And incase your wondering what I meant by steel wool spinning here is a shot of Bryan spinning some


Stay Cool and Steem on

This photo taken by me using a Sony A6500 mirrorless camera

Ps still on vacation will be back to normal on here on Sunday

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Wow so beautiful


I see no ghosting of the person with the pixelstick being lit by it or from being too stationary, nice. Were they wearing black?

I think he had a grey shirt if I remember right
Was suprised with how hardly any ghosting came in the shots

Nice pics. Cool effects.

Thanks :)


Awesome dear friend :)

Thanks :)

My Pleasure dear friend :)

That is so cool! Clever photos. Upped and steemed

Thanks kindly appreciated

very rad!

Thanks :)

This is really cool! I love pictures like this, great work!

Thanks kindly appreciated

Excellent play with light @tattoodjay. It would be nice of you to show your “toys” :) Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.

Thanks and I will try to remember to do a post showing the toys as well :)

Cool stuff, this makes we want to get a Pixelstick!

Thanks I must get out and use it again soon

So cool!! Love it! 😀

Thanks :)

It's absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful effect! the best I've seen so far in lightpainting!

Thanks Kindly

I still have my personal favorite from that night to share yet :)

Then I'll be looking forward to seeing it!

Well, I sure never heard of any of this idea. Wow! Very amazing effects.

Thanks was a fun shoot :)

Missed this first time around while I was on the road. Karma - we are both in Daily Photo Selection! Great work my friend.

Thanks my friend, :)

Cool photos!

Thanks for the visit

Wow great captured my friend. The second one is spectacular. Up 🤗

Thanks 🙏 this was such a fun shoot

Hope to try it again soon

I am looking forward my friend ;)))