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It is Saturday night and all is still in the land of Steem. Well that is not true, price keeps falling. Worried yet?

When it is quiet, I sometimes look through old photos and reminisce a little about when I had a life and travelled. The last time I was out of Finland was my Honeymoon in 2015 in Milan. It doesn't actually feel that long ago but, that was the last real holiday I had, other than when my brother was here this summer for a week. Holidaying somewhere new is a luxury and I have been lucky in many respects to have been able to see some very beautiful places.

People often take their holiday for granted without realising that many never get the opportunity to take holidays at all and many in this world don't get out of their city, let alone their country. What I find though is that on average, those who travel to varied places generally have a more accepting view of others as they have seen aspects to life different to their own. I am yet to go to the US but, it has never really attracted me in the same way as Europe or Asia has.


This black and white photoset is from Barcelona in 2012, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a Gothic quarter that is a photographers dream come true. It is almost impossible to take a bad shot anywhere in the city however as the place is just dripping with an eclectic and easy going style with people who fit right into the stonework itself.

I have unfortunately lost the originals to these I think which means I can't reedit them however, these are enough to evoke the memories of walking possible 100 kilometers in the 5 days we were there. In some respects, all European cities tend to blend together as many have been built around the same time and same styles however, most of them are very unique too and, if one spends a little bit of time exploring, there are small details that catch the eye all over the place.


I don't know when it will be possible but this is one city I would really love to go back to one day and reshoot. I feel that even though I got some of my favourite shots I have taken from that trip, I think I can do much better now. I think Barcelona in black and white gives a better feel of the place than in colour, I kind of classic European cool that doesn't have to try to be in style, it just always is.

It might be quiet on Steem but at least it gives some time to reflect a little. Saturday nights I tend to do this more than other nights for some reason, perhaps it is because the feed runs slower or perhaps it is that I don't have to worry as much about a pile of work tomorrow but, it does give me some time to think about things in relative peace and quiet.

One day, perhaps I will have another Saturday to walk through the streets of Barcelona and just think with my camera but for now, memories through photos will have to be enough.

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Traveling is an education all its own. You mentioned about being accepting of others the more you travel. I believe it. We are called to go into all the world. It encourages gross and understanding. Thank you for sharing my friend and by the way it's very nice memories in photos

Truly beautiful photos.
I was lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling in my younger days (before I was married as well,funny how that works huh) as well live in multiple in countries (UK, USA and Canada my home).

Traveling is definitely an education of its own as @enjoywithtroy mentioned. It's something I believe everyone should do if they can afford it or are given the opportunity (of course not everyone can).

By traveling you are taken out of your comfort zone of having everything that is "yours" right at your fingertips. You meet and interact with new cultures and peoples and should, if you are a true traveler, adopt to and respect their customs while you are there.

This brings a wider view to your world as you experience things from a different perspective. Unfortunately far too many people cram so much into their holidays/vacations abroad they never take the time to smell the roses so to speak of where they are. And when their time away is done head home exhausted and in need of a rest from their rest.

Traveling to other countries and places is something that should be embraced and enjoyed. Stop and smell the roses, do less but enjoy more

Thanks @tarazkp for another insightful article.


If everyone had the opportunity to travel and sit down to a meal with a local family and discussed life, the world would be a much better place. As it stands, too much of our information about the world is 'provided' us. It is no wonder we have the problems we do :)

I am hoping that one day Steem takes off so I can have a little bit of space to take our daughter for some adventures.

Hi taraz. If i was talking i am sure it would echo as this place is empty. I agree Saturdays are not normally busy but come on at least the feed should at least tick over. There are more resteems than posts on mine and that is quite sad. I think you will enjoy the US, I spent a month there and really enjoyed it. Washington was my favorite with the memorials and the architecture.For a photographer there is so much to shoot there.


Saturdays are generally quiet but I guess with prices down, people are a little more in the doldrums than usual. I guess it means I don't need to wear pants to work ;)


Would anyone notice? Wait until it hits rock bottom we will be waiting for each other to post and a handful of some others. The usual suspects.


I can't wait for those times :D


Wont be long now I have been waiting for the 60 c range for the last two weeks. Been testing the T/A and he said 45-50 c range. That was about 2 months ago.

My late father used to disrespect the US, and vowed never to go there. Then I took him in the late 90's and he wouldnt shut up about it, especially the food.

Make sure you go before you die and form your own opinion.


It isn't any political reason, just never really had a pull there. Even after stories from friends and family about how good it is, I still haven't had the urge to go. I wouldn't mind shooting a bit in NY though.

The food in places where people come from all over is always better on average. more influence and more mixing makes for better flavours and tastes. It is kind of like humans. :D


Hope its not this kind of shooting you mean ;)


Nah, I would plan on standing out, not blending in ;P

The best picture of this series is the first one. The next two are clearly inferior to that one. The first one is actually seriously good.

Is the falling man you having had a little too much grappa, photographed by your wife? :D


The first one hangs on our bedroom wall. This version isn't the greatest of it but the shot is one of my top 5 favourites I have taken. The one with the boys down the alley is actually pretty good but again, this version is the greatest.

lol, I wish I could move like that :)

To remember is to live, they say, @tarazkp. I am also one of those who look at old photos and sigh at past experiences. Outside my country I have only gone out twice, but I did a lot of tourism inside it. I knew all, the best beaches, that we have. It's a pity that right now traveling is a very big luxury. Seeing your photos, especially the one where your girl goes out in Gaudí's cathedral, is to admire, even by images, all the cultural that there is in the rest of the world. About Spain, Cervantes said: "He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot". Greetings


It's a pity that right now traveling is a very big luxury.

It is a huge shame more people don't get to travel and explore this world. I is also a shame that most don't explor their own backyards too. There is adventure everywhere.

What a beautiful Saturday to find these pictures, but even more to find a person who expresses in short lines the idea that I handle the value of a photo. Since I started in steemit, I have recently had the idea that one should do what he likes and show it and through photography I have found a channel where ideas flow very easily and where the "value of a photo" is higher. sense. I think that photography can save moments, that the mind can forget and to it its great value. I am not a photographer, and I respect those who exercise this beautiful activity, but if I have been doing photography for many years, it has taught me to look beyond what the camera allows you to see, and I can preserve what I always want to remember.

Black and white photography is elegance, inspires sobriety but also allows you to see the beauty of a photo without losing detail of the image.

While the value of the steemit is low, is when more quality content we must make and put more effort and love to this platform. I repeat I am a new practitioner, but since I met steemit, I made a spark with her, like love at first sight. jejejej something crazy, but I think that besides making content, you know wonderful people, you share it and you do community in discord and you dedicate a lot of your time here, which makes you understand little by little how the waves move.

I've seen you on other occasions, and I've read you in several blocks, but I did not dare to write to you, but when I found these beautiful photos, and saw that we shared an idea in common, I could not stop commenting, it was a pleasure to meet you. I leave you my best wishes and that you continue to enjoy your memories through photography and the great value that a photo has.

Good vibes.
Bendiones y que tengan un hermoso fin de semana.

welcome. :)

Black and white photography is elegance, inspires sobriety but also allows you to see the beauty of a photo without losing detail of the image.

I agree with this, the contrast allows for it and pulls the eye more sharply to where it can find focus points.

I think you are right and this is actually a very good time to earn Steem on the platform, even though the value is down against the US dollar. Keep creating and engaging and when things turn around in the markets, you will be happy you did.


The strongest will be, the winners, so says an old saying. I would say that we stay with perseverance, discipline and good vibes creating content, we can see results in the future. We will see each other in this sea.:)

Oh yes, prices. I noticed that the price of STEEM was $0.76. STEEM has fallen nearly 90% from its early January peak. The price of STEEM and development taking place in the ecosystem seem to be totally disconnected. It's following the general trajectory of altcoin prices. Bitcoin is still the hand that cracks the whip.

Since I don't depend on cryptocurrencies to pay my bills at all, I'm not too worried about the cheap prices. If STEEM goes back to cents, I just might get some.

Feel free to tell me next time you visit Barcelona. It would be a pleasure for me to meet you here.