Nice garden and beautiful view of high buildings in Bangkok

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beautiful view of high buildings30.jpg

Before presenting photos of nice garden and beautiful view of high buildings in Bangkok, I think, some of you may wonder why I haven’t written any posts for the past few days. Am I right?

It’s because my mother fell on the floor last week and her right leg was broken. She was admitted in Chulalongkorn hospital for surgery. (Chulalongkorn hospital is one of the best hospitals in Thailand.)

She is now 86 years old, so we had to take care of her closely. On Christmas, she went back home, but still cannot walk until now… We will try our best to help her to get more exercise and convince her to walk again…

While I was in the hospital, I loved to walk in a nice garden of the hospital, which is situated on the 14th floor, admiring beautiful flowers and bright green trees. These can make me feel release from my anxiety regarding my mother’s health.

Besides, the blue sky with white clouds in the afternoon can create wonderful view…. I do really love this.

beautiful view of high buildings19.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings15.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings16.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings18.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings20.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings21.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings22.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings23.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings14.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings12.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings5.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings2.jpg

And WOW...... "White flowers", my favorite, in close-up.....




From the garden, I can also see “Lumpini” park which is a large and famous public park of Bangkok.

There are a lot of green trees and huge lake within the park. Most people in Bangkok love to go there for some exercise and relaxing in the morning or in the evening; i.e. walking, jogging, cycling, etc.

I think, it’s good for our health to have some exercise among nice environment like this.

beautiful view of high buildings25.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings24.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings11.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings26.jpg

As Chulalongkorn hospital is situated in Silom district that is in the center of Bangkok, you will see many high and famous buildings around you.

beautiful view of high buildings28.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings27.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings9.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings29.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings10.jpg

beautiful view of high buildings8.jpg

The highest building in the center of the below photo is “Mahanakorn” which is one of most beautiful buildings in Bangkok.....

beautiful view of high buildings7.jpg

That’s all for today…..

In my next post, I’ll show you sunset behind those high buildings that I saw from my mother’s room on 21st floor every evening. It was very gorgeous.

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Wow amazing building and excellent photography . its really look.
Thanks @tangmo
Have a nice day


Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm happy that you like the buildings and the photos.

Have a wonderful day! ;)

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Thank you very much! ;)

Hello, and Happy New Year, my friend. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Wish her well for me, and tell her DD says "get better soon". To which she will no doubt say, "who"? It's so nice she has you to help and get her back on the mend. Hopefully she will be up and walking soon.

That is an amazing view of the city from up on the 21st floor. And that is one large area of downtown with huge buildings. Have you ever been in Mahanakorn, the tallest of the buildings? Wow. I look forward to photos of the sunsets.

Well, it is almost midnight here, and almost 2019. I hope it is a great year for you and your family, and all things come to pass that you wish and desire to come true. Happy New Year, and keep smiling. BFF DD


Hello and Happy New Year, GFF. Many thanks for your very nice comment. These can encourage me so much. Ah! I already told her that my friends at Steemit sent her very good wish.... Um! She knows well about Steemit and learned that I have good friends here.... She asked me to give you all a thousands thanks! I also do really hope that she will be up and walking again soon.

I'm glad that you found the view of huge buildings interesting! It's unfortunate that I haven't ever been in Mahanakorn before, even though I often pass the building. ;D

Thank you very much again for your kind wishes for me and my mother. I hope that you had good times with your family on these special holidays and this new year will be a great and success year for you. ;)))

Very garden-soothing nerves, Oh!!! I hope that soon I will visit your beautiful country.

I hope your mother will recover. I am very sorry what happened to your mother.

I will pray for her :)


Thanks so much, my dear sis, for your kind concern on my mother. She appreciates for your kind wish for her and she asked me to send many thanks to you.

I'm glad you like the garden. I look forward to welcoming both of you to Thailand very soon.... ;))

Nice photos @tangmo. See lots of familiar buildings along with some new ones.

Wishing your mum a speedy recovery and hope she feels better soon.


Thanks so much for your kind wish for my mother.

I'm glad to hear that you are familiar with those buildings and I think, next time of your visit to Bangkok, you will find many more new ones, for sure. Please come and see them by yourself soon..... ;)


Would love to visit Bangkok again but sadly it looks like a few more years before i can travel :(.


Oh! I'm very happy to hear that you would love to visit Bangkok again, in the meantime I'm so sad to hear that it's a few more years before you can travel.

Anyway, you are most welcome to Bangkok at any time! ;)

Oh! So sorry to hear this accident and your mother. I hope she will have a very fast recovery!

Take care and stay strong!!

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Thanks a lot for your kind concern about my mother and many thanks for encouraging me on this. That's very nice of you! ;)


Hope you have the time to relax and take it easy too!

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Many thanks! I'll try..... ;)

Bangkok is really boom city as constuction point of view. Nice photo.

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Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the photos. You are welcome to Bangkok at any time! ;)

Lovely photos my friend. happy New year!


Happy New Year! I'm happy to see you here again. Thanks so much for your nice comment. ;)

Beautiful post with heart touch photos after one week 👍

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Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad to know that you like my post and the photos. ;)

Lovely views to enjoy from there good thanks for sharing


Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the view interesting. ;)