Isn't he the sweetest little man?

in #photography3 years ago

Look quietly now, he’s sleeping…


Sleeping children are real angels. Are not they beautiful in a dream? Continuation of the photo session about a wonderful baby and his beautiful mother.








aww how much tenderness and how much beauty there is in a newborn baby, it is wonderful the love that a mother and a baby can have each other, without a doubt it is like a little angel the original state of the human, thanks for sharing it @tanata I invite you to take a look at my recent posts, greetings, kisses and sweet hugs for you! 😍🤗😇

Oh, thank you very much, your blog is wonderful!

Such a cute boy 😍😍😍

Thank you so much. it's true)

I love your profession soo much 😍 those pictures you take, are always amazing...

Thank you, I'm happy to hear that!

He is so cute :) I love your photography , You are sharing pictures of beautiful babies with us , Thanks for sharing with us :)

Thank you) I will continue to share for you)

you are welcome :)

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Really cute baby @tanata. Though my upvote has not any value yet. But I upvoted u by free bot. @tanata

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support! The size does not matter)

Cutest baby with innocent look.