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Not so 100% sure of my color choices. But it is definately colourful. Ive used acrylics and for the first time experimented with craft acrylic paints. Fantastic pigments and wonderful strong colours. Definately much cheaper and a good choice when you do bigger pieces as container 250 ml vs tube thats about 75-100 ml. And halve the price. So I m going to take a break now and look at this for a while. Then over to oils to do finishing touches. Thanks for watching

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She's a real beauty: innocent face, but strong and penetrating eyes. What's her name?


Isabelle :) @techwizardry

Stunning piece @talli-art. I'm not an artist by any means, but this is striking. I love the colours. You seem to have a great technique.


Thank you @leighleigh i really appreciate you comment .


Thank you Leigh. I ve been doing formal portraits but this is really relaxing and lots of fun.

Awesome art! I have included you in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

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Yay! @juliaponsford WoWee! thats awesome. Thank you very much dear!

it's colorful and beautiful paint... I couldn't believe my eye, is this natural photography or edited?

nice photo

wow so nice art.I am surprised to see your art.
Thanks for sharing.....
best of luck.......


Thank you @alemrantorun

Nice art. I am surprised when I see Eyes. eyes is so real


@yadhnesh You should see the original photo. The portrait hardly does it justice.

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@alemrantorun thank you very much. What do you think of the colors

So beautiful!! Congratulations! I will follow you. I invite you to visit my blog