Devi Singh founder of Nishapur Raj Dynasty

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After getting the Civilian, the English who actually became the ruler of India, to keep it secret from other European nations, Clive did not formally take full responsibility of the country's governance. Nawab is governing the country, it is for his stance that he retains two former Parthivuks appointed by the Nawab - Mohammed Reza Khan in Murshidabad and Raja Sitab Rayakata's revenue collection in Patna. They will be able to recover the revenue, only a certain amount will be paid for the collection of revenue, it is decided. This resulted in the introduction of dual governance in the country. But the dual governance became an instrument of rampant and ruthless torture. In particular, the inhuman torture of Devisingh is particularly noteworthy. Devi Singh was the man of Punjab. By 1756, he came to the country of Bengal. Mohammed Reza Khan made him the winner of the poster. To collect money, Devsingh did not hesitate to do any kind of torture, injustice and injustice, and his torture was one of the reasons for Chhatte's heart. In 1781, he took lease of Rangpur, Dinajpur and Andrakpur in Benami. He committed inhuman torture on Raja Shishchandra Ray of Itakumari. As a result of his exploitation, people of Rangpur became rebellious in 1783 AD. The leader of this rebellion was Nuruluddin. He declared himself 'Nawab' and ordered an agriculturist named Pripal to nominate his sister and not to pay to Debasingh. His followers attacked the area of ​​Devsingh and the British on the Mughalhat port. There is a great fight. In that war, Nuruluddin was wounded and captured and died a few days later.

There is a fair trial against Debi Singh. But he got rid of it altogether. This goddess is the founder of the Nasipur dynasty.

In 1867, Clive returned to Bilas. Since that time, in 1772, the appointment of Warren Hastings to India was subject to matter-Verelast and Katariar. During their rule, corruption was again revived in the country, leading to continued progress towards the country's destruction.

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