Walking around two diferent markets on a sunny day!

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Hello everyone,

Today I was out visiting a nearby city called Turku and I wanted to share some of the photos I took there. I have posted photos from this city before so it might look a bit familiar to anyone who has been following me for a while. Today there were a lot of people outside since the city had organized an international market in the city centre. They also had a medieval market at the same time so there was a lot to look at.

At first I just walked around the city to find a good spot to start from and took a couple of photos from one of the many bridges that cross the river called "Aurajoki". It was a beautiful day as you can see from the photos.



There are a bunch of small bar & restaurant ships that lay in the river which offer great food and beverages.


This is the first photo I took from the International market and you can see that there are a lot of different nationalities. I bought a couple of things I liked and moved on. Anyone who has followed me for over a year remembers that I visited this market last year and took many pictures from it. To keep this post from being too similar I wanted to focus more on the medieval stuff for this time.

It was kind of hard to take a photo without a bunch of people in the way but here you can see some of the medieval stands.


There was also some kind of act going on but I am not sure what it was about. It was cool to see all the people dressed in medieval clothing and it just had a really cool vibe to it.


After I felt I had seen enough of the stands and the act I decided to go check out the last attraction of the medieval market. Unfortunately I was too late to the show and couldn't get inside anymore but luckily I am tall enough so that I was able to snap a couple photos anyways. It was jousting!



They aren't the best photos but still looked pretty awesome. Those knights were really cool. After I had seen enough of the jousting I decided to start walking towards my bus stop but had to snap a mandatory photo of the cathedral like I always do on these posts from the city of Turku. I'm not religious or anything but it looks pretty cool in my opinion. It's pretty big.


After I took this photo I had to run off to catch my bus to get home. I hope you enjoyed my photos and also that you had a great weekend!

Remember to let me know what you think in the comments and as always remember to follow!

Peace out, Straw

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Sounds like a very cool Trip :) These knights probably got some problems during his show while the sun is killing them in the armor.

We have a castle next to my living place, i need to have get informations if there’s some spectacular fights too.

Have a good one m8

Finland and sun , nice photoshop I'm reporting @steemcleaners


haha :D I thought no1 would notice

beautiful photos , looks like you had fun

These are amazing photographs ....I love them :)

I've never visited to Medieval Market in Turku but it seems interesting! If I had known that there was an International Market at the same time, I would've most certainly gone there. Turku is such a beautiful city, especially during summertime 😊

The last picture is great! ♥ I loved your walk!

It looks fun!

Very interesting day you had roaming around this is great nice shots you clicked there :)

Bro you saw people joust that's insane, I'd love to see some crazy stuff like that.


I know man it was insane. Never seen that before today lol