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RE: Snappy Summer (Original Photography)

in #photography2 years ago

Glad you knew that it was a snapping turtle! I had one demonstrated at a park in Florida. It was shocking to a) see a ranger taunt one (mind you it was fun), and b) how far and quickly they can snap behind them. In Florida, I'm one of THOSE people that jump out of my car, pick up a turtle that has ventured into traffic and re-direct them. After the ranger show, I watch out for their pointy butt.
AND CONGRATS!!!!! Are you totally finished school now? Or are you still teaching?


I, once, tried to pick up an alligator turtle who was in the road. I almost lost my nose for the trouble! In the end, I got one of those cardboard window shades for your vehicle and poked it at him so he'd bite it and I could drag his feisty little backside off the road.

School and teaching are all completely done. Now I'm in that lovely limbo null-space that is looking for work. Ugh! Still, at least it gives me time for photography.