Amazing Sandsculptures - Festival in Revere, MA (with bonus pics)steemCreated with Sketch.

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

Shot with my Samsung Galaxy S8+

Hey Steemit, whats going on fam? 😊 I miss you! I have had less and less time to Steemit the way I would like, but Ill never stop coming home. My job and being an engaged dad and husband, not to mention the gym time and cryptos obsession has left little time to get my Steemit fix. So I got news for you sleep, you are going to see less of me. My side peice Steemonia needs more love. Its not you it's me... well actually it's Steemit baby!!! 🤣 Without further ado... My family and I went to Revere Beach today in Revere, Massachusetts to go see the sandsculptures at the 2017 International Sandsculpture Festival. What a great day. SO many people, but only good vibes and some absolutley amazing peices of work. ENJOY!

Amazing or what? Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments. Till the next time....

Much love Steemit





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Beautiful...Speechless sir

Following u...Want to see more from u.

Thank you, much appreciated!

I wish I could give more than one upvote. These things are amazing. They are all my favorites. Blows away any sandcastle I ever made, even the one with the moats, and driftwood draw bridges.

I know right. The talent displayed was breath taking. Thank you, much appreciated!

The one with what looks like a giant squid approaching the ship is my favorite. Nice post, bro.👍

Thats one of my favorites too. The elephant might be my favorite. The picture doesnt compare to reality.
Thank you, much appreciated!

Wow, amazing sand art...

Thank you, much appreciated!

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