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RE: Spring flowers & 'hornfaced bees'. / Frühlingsblumen & 'Mauerbienen'.

in #photography3 years ago

I see the flowers on your blog is very beautiful and you also so dare to take pictures of bees I like things like that I do resstem please check on my blog thanks @jaki01


These solitary bees are completely harmless. :)

Yes bee is very dangerous I do not dare take a photo like you, how do you how to take a photo of a bee so clear

NO, there are different bee species, and this one is completely harmless.
Honey bees do sting if one is disturbing them, but these solitary bees don't attack humans at all.

But I still fear the bees because I've never felt sick in Serang bee I confess you are very brave @jaiki01

By the way, just a little hint: please don't send me STEEM/SBD in expectation that I upvote your posts. I upvote articles in case I like them ... For example I liked your little report about the rice harvest in Aceh. :)
Instead of sending money you can just upvote my articles (if you like them), that costs you nothing.

Thanks for the sorry notices if I am wrong

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