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in #photography3 years ago

No need to apologize for the quality of your photo, it's obvious that you were attempting to capture a memory the best that you could with what you have. Thank you for sharing a moment of your life on your blog that took place during your simpler times. :). It looks like the area is a nice place to go for an evening walk. Do you have a different camera now? if so, which one?


It is a very nice area for walks. I used to take walks there all the time when I was younger. Unfortunatly the crime in that area isnt under the best control so its not as safe to walk too late nowadays. Right now I do not have a camera just the one on my phone. Do you have a camera? Thank you so much for the post!

Yes, I have a camera in my iPhone, a GoPro, and an old film Nikon. I think I might have my Nikon serviced and use it to fill in the gaps. Last time I used that was 10 yrs ago, it is now a 30 year old camera, lol. When I used it 10 years ago, I was on a horse riding trek in the mountains in VT, cell connection was horrible and my cell phone pics didn't look right, weird. Good thing I had my film Nikon with me, I wound up taking some nice photo's with it. I might purchase a DSLR in a month or two.

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