[PHOTO] Stare-down in a shopping mall

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"I got stared down by a naked plastic doll in a shopping mall in Ulaanbaatar."

Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) must still be one of the most fascinating places I've ever visited, including their shopping malls that advertise with brands like H&M, but actually don't have one. They must mean some clothes that others have bought at H&M are (re-)sold in some of the smaller boutiques. But it was rare to see anything recognizable according to my North-Western European standards.

The only thing at that point that was recognizable was funnily enough the Cyrillic language. I had practiced it at home, perfected it in Russia, and even got to the point where I could understand menu's in restaurants: if I just pronounced the Cyrillic letters some food would follow that I knew. Like 'Pasta Bolognese', or 'Pizza', or 'Sushi'.

But the Cyrillic letters in Mongolia didn't help - at all. I pronounced the Cyrillic letters like I had done in Russia - but no words came out that had any meaning to me. I tried, I tried, I failed.

Such a different world.
But the naked plastic doll would probably think the same if I placed him in a Dutch shopping mall.

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You are in vacations there?

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I wish! This is an older travel picture :-)

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funny one 😀
i did not realize that they use Cyrillic there. but it has sense they were in the influence of Soviets.

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The beauty of photography is the viewer's eye—the perspective you capture because you are you and see the way you see, on the adventure of your own personal life; and the renewed, shifted perspective that comes when it is shared and seen.

Yes, I got philosophical over the still life stare down. Of course I did.

You're hilarious, by the way. And, as always, you impress me with your international prowess. I'd be so terribly lost in Russia, or Mongolia, or pretty much anywhere with a non-latin based language. Keep smiling, sister across the sea.

Funny title and idea.

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