[PHOTO] An unseen thing of beauty

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It's one of those evenings where the light is perfect - from afar I saw these grasses being lit by a slowly setting sun. I always love these contradictions, so I took a quick shot, actually trying to be on time for a class. I then turned left here, walking down a stairs, and literally at the bottom of the stairs a man my age is watering a plant, or was it a plant, just a tiny tiny green thingy crawling from under the tiles towards the sun.

This almost unseen thing was being watered. Cared for. Nurtured.

I loved it, tiny acts like these make my heart melt, call me a softy, but the city is such a big messy place full of commerce and cement (I love the city, mind you :D) that seeing the pretty in all of that makes me respect you. Most people walk with their noses on the phone screens, this guy was watering something that might grow into something beautiful.

I'm grateful. And not just for that. It also reminded me of a huge series of photos I made during one of the sadder moments in my life. I walked a lot, trying to process thoughts, and took lots and lots of shuts of what I called in my head 'Unseen Gardens' - tiny bits of weed or plants or a lost flower between the little cracks in the cement of the city.

I might have to dust off Lightroom and start making a proper photo series of these shots I've taken back then.

Hurray for the reminder.

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This looks close enough to wheat. That's important because I just learned that !BEER contains gluten.

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Damn! How did you know I was thirsty! I don't like to drink alone though, have a !BEER with me please :-)

Thanks. I don't mind a little extra gluten in the summer heat.

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Beautiful. I love that the man was watering the little plant. I am excited to see the Unseen gardens series.

Beautiful sentiments. One of my favourite things in the world is plants pushing up from the concrete - such a symbol of persistance and determinism despite adversity.

On one of my dark, anxious days last week I crossed the road to my car and saw oxalis pushing up from asphalt laid only a few months ago. Life persists. Hope prevails - and all that. It really does.

I also used to take a photo every day of something beautiful on the way to work. The way the light refracts off cobwebs. A horse tossing a bucket in the air. The clouds rushing over the hills. Literally stopping and idling the car to take a photo helped. Thanks for this little reminder.

I love the idea of the tiny plant! I've long been fascinated by the way nature manages to "scrape out a living" in the most unlikely of places... like a pine tree I saw near Sedona, AZ that was literally growing in a tiny crack in solid rock. Somehow... it had made it there for decades.