[PHOTO] A Silver Building, a Beacon of Home

in photography •  6 months ago


This building is one of the most timeless buildings I know. Clean lines, all glass, no stone or cement, just a subtle frame holding all the windows. The building gets decorated by its owner from time to time, like during the World Cups (of course only the ones where the Dutch actually are playing ;-)) or during a huge Architecture event a few years back.

Other than that: a simple, clean piece of architecture - no fuss - exactly what people in Rotterdam love about their city.

It's a beacon in my city, an close to our Central Station it's a certain sign of 'being home'. I literally sighed a few times after longer travels while seeing this rise up on the horizon. The timelessness assures me it will be a symbol of home for many many years to come.

Do you have a similar sight, building, event that lets you know 'I am home again'? Let me know in the comments!

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at the first glance it looked like a guitar neck.


Isnt' it funny how there are those life landmarks that you get set in your consciousness and when you see them after a journey you get that 'I'm home' feeling?

Amazing photo of this building too, by the way. It looks immense.

I actually thought it was a guitar keyboard. great toning, black and white colors. And the frame! congratulations. I also miss you, my friend!

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