This picture is the abstract of Simplicity, Love , Hospitality on peak of mountain.

Hey Steemians!

Hope you all will be doing very well. So Today I have something interesting for you.

Here is my contribution for a Super excited photography contest organized by @wolfje, thank you very much @wolfje I really appreciate your struggle for this community and friends.

Let me show you my amazing Picture First. This was taken 3 Years back in KP Pakistan.

This is my village in KP province of Pakistan. I live here in City Peshawar but sometime the noise and fast life of city make me tired and sick. I visit my village every month which is 71 Km away from Peshawar city. And trust me I love the mountains very near to home there. The morning is so beautiful and fresh that I can stop my self to climb Hill. And when I reach the top I find this great man "The shepherd" name "Zubair". He is such broad hearted and warm welcoming man with so many stories. I sit in his Hut ,he puffs a cigarette and makes some fresh tea full of milk less water. He call it "Pachaas chaay" that translates 50. The cold breeze up there with hot tea , smoke rising over tea make me feel in

"Mini Paradise" .

So that's my photo hiding so many stories and Happiness.
#Stay happy and help others. You will get inner peace.
#Respect women and elders.
#Love you all.


Hey buddy, really nice post and I love what it means to you. This is what it's all about, getting to know other people and what they value in life. Thank you for your contribution, it qualifies. Good luck!

@wolfje thank You for the appreciation and fairness. Yeah I have tried to fulfill the condition you have made in your post. It really means a lot to me. You are welcome and thanks u for making me qualify.. :)

Very nice and peaceful place.

Yeah you are right.. This is my all time favorite to visit again and again.. Thank you for stopping by @mahbub4noyon

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Oh @zoomtruth I mean seriously, I owe you Brother. And don't say that when ever I get some I will repay you man.. And yeah I would love to work with you in coordination with pleasant mindset . #Thank you so much for the care. I will study my work and won't disturb it . And Please After exams you will learn me how to advertise on that . May you live a happy life with your loved ones. Yeah Village life is so amazing and really calm to live in.

PEACE, Talk to you after exams and good luck.

Ok ! See you after exams ... Good luck for your future! :)

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Thank you @zoomtruth . I will love to know your name and much more about your life if you want to share. because no strangers do that for others. Ok I got your point now..

Good post, it is always heart-warming to see the place of simplicity like the place you have there.

@guruva you are absolutely right. The more you try to be simple the more you will be in comfort zone..

Very nice story, also from Pakistan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Same story here, when I tired from city, visit to my home town Fort Munro, which is called "The Muree of Southern Punjab". I want to invite you to visit Fort Munro. In summer millions of tourist enjoy their holidays in Fort Munro, for more about Fort Munro google it .
Thanks .

That's is awesome man. @leghari . One of my friend is from Dera Ismail Khan.. #stay blessed

Ta so pa pakhtoon ai?

@whohow36 ! Ao rora za pakhtoon yam. Nice to see you here..

The feeling is mutual!!


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Dear Great post

Thank you @cartooni ! So nice to see you here.. Have a good day!

Thank you @taufiqmustafa.. I don't have much steem power otherwise I would upvote you.

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If I had a place like that I'd also escape there once in a while, it looks very peaceful

Yeah really calm and peaceful place to live.. And I always desperately wait for the month end so that I can visit those mountains. Thank you @peterveronika for stopping by.

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The worth of simple things in life, not much people realize about it. Nice post, dude, and good vibes for you. Greetings from Venezuela!

@gpieromusic ! yeah you are very right. every human has his own perspective to see things. And Trust me you are one of them who seek beauty in every thing. Thank you so much for your views.. You too and welcome.. A very natural and beautiful place I must say..

Simple life yet complex

You might be right. Everyone has ones perspective to see certain things. #stay blessed ..

Again thank you for the fantastic post😆

Here is my contribution for a Super excited photography contest organized by @wolfje, thank you very much @wolfje I really appreciate your struggle for this community and friends.

Hello @darkworld.. Please go to @wolfje page and read that first.

would love to make a visit.

Oh for sure man.. Most welcome to the land of hospitality @sajan.rai .

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Ha Ha Ha yeah for sure , As we have got same mind to think differently about things .. I will First focus on exam and after that I will make strong bond with you in social as well as business . :)

Liked the view Pakistani fellow 😊

Thanks buddy! Nice meeting you @seekingsoul

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I really appreciate your concern with me. Yeah I will come with another Original post. I am working on it. Then we will see what happens then.. #stay happy always brother.

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No No I use Steemit after boredom from study during break ... Ok

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oooooh waw great is a Mini Paradise

Very nice and peaceful place.,,

very nice, I see your posts add to the science and I'll try it that way, maybe I'm still a beginner, if you have time to spare can be guided me and sharing our knowledge and we can share knowledge news about steemit.

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