The store shelves are beginning to slowly fill back up, with items we haven't seen for a while!

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My Daughter found bananas again, and my grandson was thrilled!


She has to cut the bananas up, and give them to him slowly; so he doesn't choke on them. He really loves bananas, and even has 'his' dachshunds eating them too, LOL!

Apparently, if He eats them, they are good people food...and he tosses them food. They are partners in crime, with very high opinions of each other!

She even got him to put down his tablet, which goes with him everywhere (it has the ABC's on it!), and needs regular recharging.

The only difficulty was that Momma wasn't passing the slices fast enough, LOL!

I even saw toilet paper on the shelves at Dollar Tree, so times they are a changing; for the better.


Are you planning to start selling slow cookers? That's a good sized stash! :)

You have uncovered my fiendish plan, LOL! Today slow cookers...tomorrow the World.

One of those is a rice cooker, rats, now I can't corner the market after all.


I've seen a few videos of people making/cooking black garlic in a rice cooker, takes at least 4 weeks but is supposed to be awesome! I'm sure you could corner that market instead, if you're patient ;)

I have been cooking comfrey root for years for the healing tincture it yeilds.


Well this is good news. Over here in NC we didn't really run out of anything other than that very strange toilet paper craze that went on for about a month. I still don't understand that one.

I guess liberals are full of crap, and it's a basic requirenent, LOL?

That was crazy! I notice that ths refilled shelves on toilet paper, is twice the cost. I don't like price gouging either!