The homeless meal went off without a major problem, and they left happy and full!

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We had good weather, and about 80 homeless show up for lunch! We had extra volunteers this time, and everything worked well.

Setting up for the meal:
We have an energetic crew, that are mostly experienced, and love the homeless!

Ready to serve food:

mom and daughter.jpg

We had enough people we were able to pass out clothes too!
This has been a goal for a long time.

We had a Mom and Daughter volunteer this time:
Dad was there too, and he is the Pastor at the Church where we cut the tree down last week.

He's in the center, and here's the proof we got some work out of him. His Daughter had so much fun, he promised thry would be back!

Serving in full progress:
full serving starts.jpg

My baby brother cooking pancakes:
grilling pancakes.jpg
He cooked for over an hour, and we had people return for another stack of pancakes.

I have to make trips to make sure the line is supplied, then I have to check the generators.
checking supplies.jpg
We had one grill that refused to light that ran us short of cooking space, but we managed.

cooking turkey bacon.jpg
We moved the grill plates onto a camp stove, and cooked the turkey bacon there, all better!

Here is where the line begins:
starting point.jpg
These volunteers are experienced, and they set this up flawlessly. We can concentrate on the food setup, and that helps!

Onr of the Ladies made puppy cupcakes:

Theh were a real hit:
They went pretty quickly!

These are all new volunteers this month!
They meshed quickly, and did whatever was needed.

We even managed to find some shade when the line slowed down:
shading it..jpg

Overall, today worked well, and both volunteers and homeless had great time. It was a real blessing, and everyone was well fed!