Where Eagles Fly : The Strange and Ancient Dome Called Beclabito ~ Above Four Corners New Mexico

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This is a very strange and ancient geologic formation known as the Beclabito Dome It is located to the southwest of the Four Corners Region of New Mexico, on the First Nations Diné (Navajo) Reservation. 

This is what is called a collapsed and exposed Entrada Sandstone Dome created by underground volcanic activity manifested as a form of deep-seated igneous intrusions.  This happens when high temperatures deep in the earth are so intensely hot it converts the rocks into a hot liquid, which then wells upward until it is hardened into solid rock again by the cooler temperatures at a point below the surface ground level. 

In short, this means the magma cooled off before it could reach the surface but the hot magma still rising below this now cooled off bit keeps pushing up through layers of rock with intense pressure from below, which resulted in the formation of a high dome.

Then over millions of years the dome itself is eroded away by the forces of wind and and water, resulting in the collapsed dome formation  seen here in this image I lensed while flying and exploring in the Four Corners area. This eroded dome is a one of a kind formation 

In the background of the image, towering above the dome is Black Rock Ridge and slightly to the right on the top of the ridge is Zibetod Peak. In the Diné language the word Beclabito translates to “Spring (or water) Under A Rock” which was named such for the many underwater springs which course through this area. 

This is from my project "Where Eagles Fly". 

About The Project

Where Eagles Fly - The American Wilderness Expedition is my personal mission to introduce people to these amazing locations that surround us. I am piloting a bush plane while exploring and filming throughout the remote back-country areas of North America to raise awareness of the 47% of the USA and 90% of Canada that remain unpopulated wilderness.

About The Author

My name is Zedekiah Morse and I'm a Bush Pilot, Photographer, Explorerand Filmmaker. I live in the Rocky Mountains and devote my time and resources to exploring as much of the world as I can by air. If you wish to watch a short film detailing how I do my work and this project, go here.If you like what you see here upvote and resteemit so that others may experience these wondrous places.

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Great photos as per usual , Your photos and writings about the mountains are the best .

Fascinating and thought provoking as well; one need only peruse the photos and videos of the current Mount Kilauea irruptions to imaging the processes which could have happened here.

We LOVE your photography!

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This is a beautiful formation. I don't believe that I have seen anything quite like it. Thank you for sharing this unique photo, @skypilot!

looks great zed,
love how all those different colours are just next to each other :)
all the best,

Thank you for the new flight! I was on the volcano Teide in Tenerife. Orange petrified lava creates a stunning landscape. It is especially interesting to observe it against the backdrop of snowy mountains!
You have not been on Steemit for a long time, are you on a new journey? I hope your health is all right.

Could you make a post with photo of your plane?
In my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a pilot. But fate decreed otherwise. However, I'm still interested in aviation. :-)

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