Where Eagles Fly: I Am Still Here... Deep Into Production

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

Howdy my fellow steemians.... I am writing to let everyone know I am still here! I have not abandoned ship and left steemit like so many others have. I am simply in production now on my project Where Eagles Fly.

Thanks to my dear friend Walter Lamar for this photo of me in front of my Bluebird Bushplane.

For those new to my blog here on steemit, here is a short film to introduce you to what I do and what my project is all about. http://whereeaglesfly.tv/a-love-of-nature/

I will begin posting in earnest when I get done with this season soon. In the meantime please keep the faith.



Thank you for taking me on a trip where eagles fly. You have fantastic footage. I enjoyed viewing it.

Hi @skypilot.. How are you? Long does not greet you. I hope you are fine..

Awesome to hear Brother,
cant wait to see your Results!
Keep up this incredible work and all the best to you,
yours Johannes

Busy summer and such a beautiful Bluebird! bluebirdskys.png
We await your awesome projects to come!
Been checking your page often and wondered
how you were doing, glad to hear all is good!!

Take care @skypilot! looking forward to what your
eagle eyes
have seen! :-)

Looking forward to more posts, from you.
Good luck with the project and hope production wraps soon enough!

I have to say I enjoyed watching Where eagles fly. I felt like I was in air plane with you, cool footage.

Thanks so much! Love to hear that

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Hi Zed!
How are you doing bro?! Hey how is your incredible project: Where Eagles Fly, going? It looks absolutely STUNNING ... i have just been looking around your excellent website.
May I make a post for Steemit about your fantastic project to spread the word? Your photography and mission is mind-blowing and I would love to share this beauty.

Holler back when you can - it would be great to see you on Steemit when your WEF project is in the can!

Keep well :D

Hey man, love for you to write about this! thanks so much.... I need all the help I can get doing this project. Thanks for your support and keep making awesome music!

Hi Zed,
Great to hear from you - thank you bro!
Wow - you like my music? I have not put it out much recently so am surprised you found any... but huge thanks if that comment was really for me! I would be very happy for you to use my music in your productions.


keep well :D

I was referring to the track called OZ... very cool ambiance and drums! I would love to hear more of your work.

Hi Zed,
Thank you so much for your feedback on my music - really appreciated!
Also thank you for your support on my Earth & Space news posts.

Keep well :D

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