Vintage Image of Lake McDonald Shoreline in Glacier National Park

in photography •  2 years ago 

This is an image I lensed along the shoreline of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.  

I used various filter and post techniques to distress the image and give it the appearance of being antique or vintage.  

I then print these up on special distressed and damaged steel plates for full effect.  


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This picture is indeed worth of thousand words. Hats off to you @skypilot. love to see your upcoming post

Thank you so much for the kind words! I have a lot more to share

Eagerly waiting for your next post. Do follow me pls so that i can get your post notification.

Is this shot in the dark long exposure or day time underexposed and darkened?

No this is neither, it is a normal photograph I have process to give the appearance of being a vintage photograph. I printed up a series of these just for fun. They look really cool

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wow Very interesting . plz give me upvote

yehaw! great job !

so wow...:0 @skypilot. visit my profile i hope you like my photography and please don't forget to follow and upvote me...