Evening Trees on the High Desert

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

I lensed this image of mesquite trees in the winter on the high desert below the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was camping with my bush plane and as evening dusk came I noticed these trees off to the north of the camp site. I thought they had a really peaceful yet melancholy energy about them. 

Because it was such low light I had to crank the camera ISO up high so it created a lot of noise in the image which I did not particularly care for. I used a digitizing tablet to brush in a smoothing effect which gave the image a slightly surreal appearance. 

I call this image "Evening Trees On the High Desert" and I have printed a few copies as Giclee on Canvas for a select few collectors. It is an interesting image when printed.

Take a moment to just open the top image full screen and soke it in as you let your mind wander around the image.


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nice picture, upvoted


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Hi @skypilot, These painting look so fascinating. Liked your post.

Also want to share with you this quotation:

Wow, this is so beautiful

It's really like a painting, sure it is a collectible item. How I wish I could have one. @skypilot you are a genius in your hobby.


Thank you, very kind of you to say!

I may have found my new cover photo for my profile! Thanks!

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Great picture.upvoted

Nice image! Keep it up @Skypilot!

This is so awesome. Very nice effect.

good work

Let him live without a doubt,
And sadness on the soul!
Let everything happen in life,
As much as you want!

good work..like it and upvoted!!