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When you think of San Francisco, there are a few things that come to mind: hilly streets, cable cars, fisherman's wharf, and the foggy bay area weather.

But of course, the most significant landmark is the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

When you work online, it's important to disconnect and enjoy nature from time to time.
After the TOKENFEST conference and all the rainy days we spent working indoors, we couldn't leave San Francisco without taking a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge!
It spans the Golden Gate - the strait connecting the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay, and is almost 9000 feet long (over 2700m).

Of course there are several different locations from where you can get a good view of the bridge.
We decided to drive to Battery Spencer, a former military protection point for the San Francisco harbour.

This standpoint actually has the most breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge up close, with the city of San Francisco in the background!

Of course, we had to use the opportunity for a photoshoot! Enjoy!









Bridging the Gate

Around 1900, population in the bay area increased by tenfold because of the gold rush.
The San Francisco Bay has very difficult weather conditions with the strong tides, salty air, fog and frequent rain.

That's why it was especially difficult to start construction of the golden gate bridge, which was needed to increase the traffic flow up north which previously had limited access to development.

The first sketches were submitted in the 1920s by Joseph Strauss, the lead architect.
Construction took place until 1937, with several difficulties due to weather- and environmental conditions where some of the construction workers even lost their lives.

Fun fact about the color of the bridge, "international orange":

When the steel bridge was first built, it was coated with a red lead primer. As the architects were driving past it on the way home, they actually got inspired by the red color and decided to pick it for the final paint as well. It provides a beautiful contrast against the water and sky, but also compliments the background at sunset.

IMG_0923 2.jpg

We had an amazing time at the Golden Gate Bridge and really enjoyed the beautiful views over the Bay!

Now we're off to Southern California to meet with our US ambassadors and prepare for the Tokensale starting in JUST 5 DAYS - March 28! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐ŸŒด

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Wow! You`re cool, man!

My dream to come there! Was just in the East-coast


Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Although it was pretty rainy and cold at first, we had a great time in San Francisco!

I really want to climb this bridge, often appear in my dreams, thank you for sharing my beautiful journey for me @sirwinchester

Wowowow... Nice photography... Pictures taken with creative thinking


Thanks! Yes we definitely had some fun with the camera here!


Very very jealous with the picture you took really amazing... Nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Love San Fran! great post, just had a holliday in California to watch some NBA games with my dad. looks like a fun day, love biking on the bridge.
Keep your posts coming!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
Sounds like you had a great time on your holiday as well!

Loving the history you shared, some of it I had no idea. See you and the team tomorrow!!


Thank you! Yes, the story is actually very interesting!

ย  ยท ย 9 months ago

Very Cool.
Congrats on everything especially APPICS upcoming.
I was just in San Fran for the San Francisco Comedy Festival performing with The Reckoning and I'm looking forward to moving back to LA in the Summer.
I continue my efforts to invite improv theaters to Steem and Blockchain

Always happy to teach improv, and help others put up their own improv shows.

A handful of us are also working towards an @ImprovCoin that would reward live performances.

Just sharing with a like minded artists.
All the best to you and your crew.
Enjoy beautiful California.

Great pics! @sirwinchester
When are you coming again to Dubai?

wow, I've never been in San Francisco, but sure the golden gate bridge is one of the first things in my mind thinking about that city!!! Beautiful photos, @sirwinchester, Enjoy the city! ^_^


Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™Œ glad you enjoyed the pictures!

ย  ยท ย 9 months ago

I am in Nigeria, I have never been abroad but I recognize this bridge. From most hollywood movies set in San Fran.

ย  ยท ย 9 months ago

Haha great shots! Saw you at Coinsummit conference today, great work, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Appics :)

A greeting friend I follow you! My vote for you

Such perfect timing! Im heading to San Fran in a few weeks, your pics inspire me to go earlier :D

ย  ยท ย 9 months ago


ย  ยท ย 9 months ago

Cool! Fantastik photography!!! ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ“ท