Just a simple sweet face ^_^

Just a simple sweet face to wish you a good night! Yes, the eyes of our furbaby loooks really smart, but just because I took this pic after the lunch ^_^

Now he's sleeping and just some minutes and we also go to sleep. Sometimes it's funny too think that while here in Italy we are going to sleep, somewhere, in the world, there are people who are waking up ^_^

Maybe its better if I wish a good night and  a good morning too!

See ya tomorrow!


silvia beneforti

Look so cute. Have a good night dear Silvia

Ah yes the kitty cat! That is a great shot of him. Thanks silvia.

cat love , here in our front yard we got lots of cats ❤️

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We've lost our sweet ginger cat, Puss. She left one afternoon a month ago and never returned. :( We sure miss her. Poor thing.

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