Beautiful pictures from Prague

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Prague is called the Paris of the East, and it is a title the city deserves. I might find the Budapest panorama to be even nicer, but the old town of Prague and the city center is fantastic.

Take a look at the following pictures from Prague and be inspired for your next trip to the Czech capital. If you like the pictures, please give me an upvote, and follow me for more similar posts in the future.

Along the Vltava river in Prague -Photo by Rodrigo Ardilha on Unsplash

The amazing castle area with the Vitus cathedral in Prague. Image from Pixabay

Charles Bridge with the Vitus cathedral in the background. Image from Pixabay

The dancing house in Prague. Image from Pixabay

A little friend in the Zoo outside the city center of Prague. Image from Pixabay

Prague panorama. Image from Pixabay

The Tyn Cathedral at the Old Town Square. Image from Pixabay

The fantastic Charles Bridge in Prague, built in the 14th century. Image from Pixabay

The Powder Tower in the center of Prague. Image from Pixabay

The Wenceslas square, a popular location also for Christmas markets. Image from Pixabay

The astronomical clock at the Old Town square in Prague. Image from Pixabay

I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful pictures of Prague. I have not taken them myself, but they are mostly from Pixabay. If you want to know more about Prague, find tourist information and popular programs at this Prague website.

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Amazing pictures, thank you for sharing! You should have added some Christmas market pictures though....


Nice picture

A wonderful place that one day I should visit.

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