New Steemit Tribe: PhotoStreem.

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My review of PhotoStreem so far.


Report & Review
What: Tribe called PhotoStreem.
TOPIC: Photography
Tag: photography
Airdrop: one million PHOTO tokens.
Token Cost: Miner: PHOTOM 100 STEEM. PHOTO 0.05 STEEM
*NOTE only 500 miners
Block rewards 50% to posters/curators and 50% to miners.
The introductory post states that after the airdrop period ends you will receive your staked PHOTO in your Steem-Engine account and you will be able to stake your bought miners.
You should use the “photography” tag on all photography related posts, so you can earn PHOTO Tokens and so your posts appear on PhotoStreem the front end webpage for the tribe.

The developers of this tribe have chosen for a 50% author and 50% curator split for all PHOTO earnings.

I have looked over the PhotoStreem front end. There are some nice pictures, but also a lot of quick snaps which are not very nice and look like low effort endeavors.

I have purchased a small amount (100) of PHOTO tokens so I can post and curate. I have not received the airdrop which the Intro Post says will come with the purchase of miners, but I staked or activated the miners and I am receiving coins which I assume is from the miners, because I haven’t been posting long enough for posting rewards. The first 50 miners were 100 Steem. The next 50 miners are 150 Steem and the 50 after that are 200 Steem. The first 50 miners are sold out.

I believe that Photography is “one” of the biggest niches in Steemit. It is possible, that this could become a very big tribe. But the moderators and community members have a big task ahead, which is to discourage the spammers and encourage the others.

Introductory Post

✍🏼 by Shortsegments.

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The FOMO really hit hard with PHOTOM (I succumbed too!) !giphy photography

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

I know😃
I hope it ends well for us!

Thanks for the bot vote!

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Interesting token. Maybe, very good token. 🤑🤑🤑

Yes , I agree it has great potential.

Very good platform for photography lovers. I as a beginner in the field of photography is helped by the presence of this token. And I have bought 100 photo tokens and have done stake to support this project.

I am new to photography also and I also bought 100 PHOTO to start posting and curating!
I will follow you and look for your posts😊

Thank you for this information!

Your welcome!
Thank you for reading and commenting.

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