Tibetan Spirits part 2

in photography •  27 days ago

Much of the notion nodded towards spirits that maintained the purpose of leading people astray. There are other Gyalpo however that are regarded similar to what a guardian would be in other belies. They are spirits which guard Temples and other spiritual areas and may manifest through mediums as an oracle. I was truly intrigued by all I had come to know in the lands of Tibet as there was a deep understanding held by the people here. It was common knowledge to most people yet to myself, it was a completely new concept.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to connect with people from other cultures and beliefs as they may hold ideas that would normally seem very different to one’s own exposure. However, I like to approach culture with an open mind, being respectful and understanding of what people think. Interacting and asking people why certain things are done was an eye opener for me as I got to understand some underling context behind certain things that I came across in Tibet. Whether it was ornamental or actions that people were doing, it was interesting to investigate the true ideas behind what I was observing and experiencing.

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