Tibetan Spirits part 1

in photography •  28 days ago

Tibet holds tradition and religion as their cultural tradition to this very day and it is interesting to come to know about the many beliefs that are held by the people there. While travelling around, I came to know about various stories and elements of Tibetan mythology. One of the most interesting areas that I was told about were the Gyalpo spirits, eight spirits/gods that are well known within Tibetan mythology. Spirits themselves have their own classes and roles in the other world. I was intrigued to know more as spiritual mythology often retains deeper meaning and certain auspicious events are formed round such knowledge. Among the spirits there are Heavenly Kings and others.

Gyalpo spirits are kings that are regarded as those beings that have not upheld their vows and are imagined as pale white in appearance. They are known as spirits that would normally deter religious followers and may even take up an enraged form that would be depicted in a red colour. It was interesting to know about how the people perceive the Gyalpo and the certain things they would do to prevent interaction with these spirits.

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