Tibetan Cookery and Tradition part 2

in photography •  25 days ago

Employing the use of various cans, steamers, pots and other utensils, it was amazing to see how meals were prepared in a traditional way. Perhaps one of the most amazing things to witness was the diligence and strength of Tibetan women who would go out to fetch water once a day. They would commute distances to fill up their containers with great amounts of water. These were particularly heavy and I was amazed by their strength to carry this out on a daily basis. Even the food storage was very different to what we are used to in modern day china, using various baskets and containers.

Many of the materials used within Tibet are mostly made from wood. The traditional cutlery for the most part was indifferent and of course chop sticks were on hand. What I did come to love was the homely feel I had when eating in Tibet. The hospitality we received from the Tibetan people was very friendly and generous. I couldn’t help but feel warm and humbled by their attitude towards their selfless and helping nature. We ate in many different places and were always amazed by the quality and flavours of food. Tibet is a wonderful country full of values and culture and really need to be explored at least once in a lifetime.

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